Elicia  Ojoe

Elicia Ojoe

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson


Having recently moved from Brooklyn to Albany, New York, Elicia knows how stressful the process can be if a person doesn't have the right support in optimizing the search for a new place to call home: either locally or from a distance. Her search also familiarized her with different counties in these areas, with housing options for prospective residents, and with the resources available for helping them. Elicia’s goal is therefore to be a go-to resource in facilitating such transitions, even as she bears in mind the words of the well-known business consultant Damon Richards: “Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Part of that caring derives from Elicia’s 12-year experience of working in the banking industry with a company that emphasized not only financial banking but also customer service. There she learned to value a variety of customers and their financial situations. Consequently, she is willing to go the extra mile to find solutions that meet her clients’ real estate needs. Elicia supplemented that earlier knowledge by obtaining a BA degree in Accounting. While completing her degree she developed her interest in real estate by working for a general contractor that specializes in building and remodeling residential properties. From there, she zeroed in on real estate so as to combine all these skills in helping clients find homes to love – now, and possibly into the future, for generations to come. Welcome Elicia!